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Use HL tonic immediately after HL conditioner  . is a non-oily hair tonic composed of synergistic active ingredients that stimulate blood circulation, strengthen hair and soothe the scalp. Its actives vigorously stimulate hair growth from the roots up and combat hair loss.

HL tonic should be used twice daily for best results and is effective for all kinds of hair loss.


• Apply HL tonic to dry or if possible, slightly wet scalp.

• Place nozzle against the scalp and squeeze a few drops on the affected areas.

• Gently massage HL tonic into the scalp.

• Do not rinse.

CAUSES OF HAIR LOSS. Alopecia areata

• This is an autoimmune disorder that can affect anybody, however, genes and severe emotional stress seem to be the main stressors. Visible bald spots or even total hair loss can occur. Stress factors have a negative impact on the body. Hair loss can also be attributed to psychological, medicinal or hormonal stress. Stress-related hair loss is usually a temporary condition and can normally be restored.


• Hormones secreted during pregnancy will cause hair to grow faster and fall out less. The hormonal changes cause an increase in the active growth cycle and a decrease in the rest cycle. Most women do lose a significant amount of hair in the postnatal period or after they stop breastfeeding, but it is due to the hormonal levels that return to normal and not due to the shock of delivery.

For best results: Take 2-4  Nutri Hair Capsules daily with meals. The herbs in Nutri Hair Capsules  help prevent the forming of DHT. These capsules contain Saw Palmetto, Biotin, Green Tea, Stinging Nettle and a concentration of vitamins, folic acid, minerals and other essential nutritional substances. Nutri Hair Capsules will promote hair growth and reduce hair loss.

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