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  • R62.00

    Shampoo Bitter is ideal for oily hair and also has a beneficial effect on listless hair growth and various scalp nightmares. Shampoo Bitter has a pH of 6, helps to retain the acidity of the scalp while gently opening the hair scales for cleansing.

  • R75.00

    Shampoo Anti-Dandruff is ideal for a flaky scalp. With its pH of 6 it helps to retain the acidity of the scalp while gently opening the pores for cleansing.


  • R102.00

    Nutri Hair Conditioner helps maintain healthy hair growth, energizes listless hair growth and pacifies hair loss. It is the ideal moisturizer for dry hair.

  • R61.00

    Revitalizing Shampoo is especially formulated with a pH of 6 to help retain the acidity of the scalp while gently opening the pores to cleanse the hair. Revitalizing Shampoo is suitable for everyday use on all hair types.

  • R64.00

    HL Conditioner 100ml should be used in combination with HL Shampoo and HL Conditioner. is a synergistic combination of plant extracts known to stimulate and revitalise hair growth and improve hair strength. Formulated with actives that reduce hair loss and energise listless hair growth.

  • R64.00

    HL Shampoo 100ml is ideal in cases where hair loss is more than normal. Normal hair loss is approximately 100 hairs per day. HL Shampoo 100ml is a high foam, gentle shampoo with natural based extracts to stimulate hair growth. Formulated with actives that improve detangling as well as nourish hair.

  • R149.00

    Use HL tonic immediately after HL conditioner  . is a non-oily hair tonic composed of synergistic active ingredients that stimulate blood circulation, strengthen hair and soothe the scalp. Its actives vigorously stimulate hair growth from the roots up and combat hair loss.

  • R125.00

    Nutri Hair capsules help maintain healthy hair growth. The presence of the male hormone, testosterone, is the main cause (approximately 95%) of hair loss in men and women.

    DHT, a testosterone connection, causes the hair follicle to shrink and die and is also responsible for unwanted hair growth in other areas of the body. The herbs in Nutri Hair help prevent the forming of DHT.