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HL Shampoo 100ml is ideal in cases where hair loss is more than normal. Normal hair loss is approximately 100 hairs per day. HL Shampoo 100ml is a high foam, gentle shampoo with natural based extracts to stimulate hair growth. Formulated with actives that improve detangling as well as nourish hair.

HL Shampoo 100ml should be used daily for best results and is suitable for all kinds of hair loss. Use HL Conditioner after shampooing the hair. It will restore the natural pH of the scalp, close the scales of the hair and leave the hair healthy and shiny.


• Apply HL Shampoo 100ml to wet hair.

• Gently massage into the scalp and hair.

• Rinse thoroughly.

• Follow up with HL Conditioner .

• Healthy hair grows from hair follicles in the scalp during a 2 to 6 year growth cycle after which the hair shafts become loose and fall out. This is followed by a cycle during which the follicles prepare to produce new hair. This period is known as the rest phase. Only a small percentage of hair is in the rest phase at any given time. Fluctuations in body chemistry will however cause the rest phase to become longer and in turn lead to impaired new hair growth.

• The presence of the male hormone, testosterone, is the main cause (approximately 95%) of hair loss in men and women. This is caused by an enzyme that turns testosterone into DHT thus decreasing hair follicles. Thick, primary hair is replaced by thinner, secondary hair that is inclined to fall out as the follicles get blocked. After that the secondary hair is replaced by soft, downy hair and baldness eventually follows.

• Hair loss can also be triggered or increased by aging, medication, cancer treatment, fungal infection, diet, contraceptives, genetic tendencies, stress, medical treatment, anaesthesia, etc. Hair that is tightly woven or braided for long periods of time can definitely lead to permanent hair loss.

For best results: Take 2-4 Nutri Hair capsules daily with meals. The herbs in Nutri Hair capsules help prevent the forming of DHT. These capsules contain Saw Palmetto, Biotin, Green Tea, Stinging Nettle and a concentration of vitamins, folic acid, minerals and other essential nutritional substances. Nutri Hair capsules will promote hair growth and reduce hair loss.

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