AM Aloe Gel 75 ml


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AM Aloe Gel is a multipurpose body and facial gel with a slight drying effect to benefit specific skin conditions. Can be used as a daily facial gel or as a specific treatment application.


• Supports healing and regeneration of skin.

• Soothes and relieves inflammation of the skin.

• Combats pimples, blackheads and skin impurities.

• Improves collagen and elastin production.

• Strengthens skin’s natural protective barrier.



• Cleanse with AM Face Wash

• Tone.

• Apply a thin layer of AM Gel to facial and neck areas. Use twice daily.

• Moisturise facial area with AM Moisutizer .

Directions for general use:

• Apply AM Aloe Gel  generously to affected skin as often as desired.

The anti-inflammatory benefits of aloe may help treat inflammatory forms of acne, such as pustules and nodules. Apply the gel with a cotton swab directly to the pimple three times daily.


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AM Aloe Gel 75 ml