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Combined day & night moisturiser, protection and restoration. For all skin types.

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Facial Day and Night Moisturiser for all skin types

Specialised Ingredients 

  • Provide around the clock hydration
  • Fight the signs of ageing and actual skin ageing
  • Strengthen and firm sagging skin
  • Dramatically reduces fine lines
  • Smoothen skin and improve skin texture

Ingredients: Aloe Ferox Leaf Extract, Zero Traditional Preservatives, Hydrolite5™, Enhanced Vitamin C, Enhanced Vitamin E, Jojoba Seed Oil Extract, Apricot Kernel Oil Extract, Avocado Fruit Oil, Guarana Fruit Extract, Soapberry Fruit Extract, Pronalen™ Bioactive, Energen™ Bioactive, Matrixyl3000™ Bioactive, Various Synthetic Moisturising Esters

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24 50ml